Details Tab

logins details tab

Name This is a mandatory field for the input of a unique name for the login. The login name is displayed in the Explorer panel at the Main window when the login is accessing SupportDesk.
Tag This is a mandatory field for the input of a unique login reference. When Tickets are displayed at the Main window, assignees (the logins assigned to resolve Tickets) are referenced by their tag.  If the login tag is modified, the tag against existing records is also changed.
Login/Password Specify the details that the login must enter at the SupportDesk Login window when accessing the system (the login and password are disabled for Engineer logins).
Default View dropdown icon The Default View drop-down lists the views created. (Views are used to filter and order records at the Main window.) Select the view to be in effect when the login first enters SupportDesk. (WebGuest logins are automatically locked into the ‘WebView’ view, but this can be altered.)
Exclusive checkbox icon Tick this box if the selected view is the only view the login is allowed to have. This is especially useful for restricting the access of WebGuest logins.
Default Dashboard From the dropdown, pick a dashboard to associate with the Login. It it possible for all SupportDesk users to have their own unique dashboard displaying reports and widgets applicable to their role on the service desk. If this dropdown is left blank, then SupportDesk will display the default dashboard for their login privilege. E.g. if the login is a ‘Support’ privilege, then SupportDesk will display the dashboard that is named Support. If the login is a ‘WebGuest’ privilege, then SupportDesk will display the dashboard named WebGuest. Etc.

Permissions & Access Section

The following configuration settings can be used to fine-tune the login’s level of functionality. The ones that are available depend on the login’s privilege setting.details tab configuration section

Privilege dropdown icon

Make a selection to specify the areas of the system the login may access. These are:

Supervisor Supervisors have access to all parts of the system.
Support Support logins may update Customers, Products, Tickets, Contracts and Suppliers.
Analyst This is the default privilege for new logins and allows them to input and update Tickets and notes.
Engineer This privilege puts the login into the list of assignees that can be selected at the Ticket form. An engineer has no login and no password. Any number of engineers may be entered. Their creation is not restricted by the licence agreement.
WebGuest For those systems with the WebServer option to access SupportDesk. WebGuests do not have Windows access. Their ability to view data can be restricted by specifying a View. You can access the Login Details form via the Contact Details form to make Customer Contacts into WebGuest logins. If the WebGuest radio button is selected, the Windows Enabled configuration box is disabled and WebServer Enabled is ticked automatically.
A Group has no login and password. Groups are used in conjunction with Resource Allocation records so that other logins can be made members of the Group. Assigning a Ticket to the Group includes the Ticket in lists for the Group members until the Ticket is allocated to a particular Group member.
Windows Enabled checkbox icon Tick this box if the login is to access SupportDesk via Windows. If the login is a WebGuest, (see Privilege above) only using the WebServer to access SupportDesk, then this tick box is disabled.
Delete Records checkbox icon Records can only be deleted if this box is ticked. The login must also have the appropriate level of privilege. For example, a login can only delete a Customer record if the login has access to the Customer menu (a privilege of Supervisor or Support) and this box is ticked.
Modify Open Tickets Only checkbox icon This box will normally be ticked so that the login can only modify Tickets that are open (outstanding). Untick it if they can also edit those that are closed.
Modify Ticket Notes checkbox icon The notes text cannot be normally altered once the OK button has been clicked at the Ticket form. After this time, the notes text can only be viewed. If you tick this box, the login is allowed to amend or delete notes at any time.
Access Reports checkbox icon Indicate if the user can add and maintain reports through the Report Designer.
Advanced Permission (ITIL) checkbox icon This area is only available as part of the Enterprise pack. Tick the box to set specific access permissions for the login. All database and folder types are listed, showing the permissions for each one. Click a box to change access permissions:
login advanced permissions
The login can undertake every action where the box is ticked.
Create Tickets checkbox icon Leave this box ticked if the login is allowed to create new Tickets. Preventing this activity is useful for restricting the functionality of WebServer logins.
Assign Tickets checkbox icon Leave this box ticked if the login is allowed to assign Tickets.
Create/Amend Customers/ Products checkbox icon Indicate if the login can create or amend Customer or Product records.
View All Tickets/Tasks checkbox icon Tick this box if the login is allowed to see all Tickets and tasks listed at the main SupportDesk window. Only Tickets entered by and assigned to the login may be modified, unless the following tick box is also selected:
Modify Tickets/Dates checkbox icon Tick these boxes to allow amendment of Tickets and Ticket dates.
Group Assignment checkbox icon Tick the box if the user can assign Tickets to any login Group. If it is unticked, the user can only assign Tickets to logins within their own Group.
Close Tickets checkbox icon Leave this box ticked if the login is allowed to close Tickets.
Add to Kbase checkbox icon Tick the box if the user is allowed to add Ticket details to the knowledgebase so that they are available to others.

Group/Team Membership Section

Select the Group or Groups (using CTRL + Click) to which the member belongs:group membership section

Groups are set up by creating a new Login and selecting Group from the Privilege dropdown:privilege dropdown field

Folders Sectiondetails tab folders section

Folder dropdown icon From the drop-down list, choose the start folder for the login (the folder that is automatically opened when the login accesses SupportDesk). Tickets raised by the login are entered into the current folder.
Selection All the available folders are listed. Click to select every one that the login is able to access.

Login Management Section

Tick the areas of the service desk that the login is allowed to access. To see the helpdesk Tickets, the login must have at least the Helpdesk box ticked. You can also select the login’s support level. This can be used when reporting to analyse the support level that Tickets required.