Customer Logins

1. Company Configuration
When starting out with your SupportDesk system, the first area that needs to be configured is your Company Configuration, which can be found via Settings > Company Configuration. This is the reference point for the system to recognise your company details, core parenting settings, support hours, and other that enable your system to function as you want.
Enter your company name and contact details. You can leave most settings as the default for now, but be sure to enter your Office Hours. So here, 5 days means that your clocks on SLAs will count the working week, from 9:00 to 17:30. Outside of these times the elapse time will not be counted.

Customers may be external companies that you support or individual internal users. Set them up by entering details, importing as CSV files or through LDAP Integrator.
Contacts can be set up independently or linked to specific customers. Besides keying in the details, you can import as CSV files or through LDAP Integrator, or can obtain them through Microsoft Outlook. Import and Export Guide
Import Customers

2. Customers and Contacts
If you are importing your customers and contacts via csv load, please consult the Import and Export Guide in the Library. If you are adding them manually, please follow the guidelines below:
Depending on whether you are supporting internal or external IT, there are fields on the Incident record in which you can capture end user information. Upon selecting the Customer from the dropdown list, or free typing and selecting, associated contact details including Phone No. E-Mail, Dept. and Location can be brought forward into the Incident record.

If you wish though to enter your Customers and Contacts manually, this is done via the Configuration dropdown.

Clicking on Customers and Add New Customer will bring up the details screen in which you can create your new Customer record. There are numerous fields in which you can add as much or as little data as is required. Your Customer may be an individual if for instance you are supporting internal IT, otherwise, you may wish to have Customers as organisations, then associate individual contacts at the organisation with the Customer.

To do the latter, create your Customer with the name of the company. Then, via Configuration > Contacts, create the name of the individual Contacts at that organisation. Then, on the Contacts record, in the Customer dropdown, select the name of the Customer that the Contact is associated with. Click OK to save.

The Customer and contact will now be visible in the fields on the Incident logging screen.

Logins identify users of SupportDesk and specify allowed actions. Initially, there is one login with unrestricted access and you need to create others and determine what they can do. End customers who are permitted to access their own records using the WebServer can be allocated a Web Guest login via their customer or contact record. Import and Export Guide Import Logins

3. Logins and Access Privileges
If you are importing your Logins via csv load, please consult the Import and Export Guide in the library. If you are adding them manually, please follow the guidelines below:
If you wish to add your logins manually, you can do this via Settings > Logins, and clicking Add New Login. Here, on the Details tab, you have a number of access privilege options to choose from via the Login dropdown, and the tick box selections give you the capability to enable and restrict access as required.

For example here, Jim Technician is set up as an Analyst login. The default settings on the selection of Analyst mean that Jim can access the Windows client, can modify notes, access reports, create records, assign records, create products, amend products etc. Tick boxes can be selected or deselected as required so that you maintain control over which of your Agents can perform certain tasks.

You will see that each selection has differing default accessibility with Engineer being the most restricted login. WebGuests should be used for end users, and Logins apart from WebGuests and other Logins where the Assign Calls tick box is deselected, will be able to be selected from the Assignee dropdown.