Creating and Adding HTML Signatures to Email Templates

You can create and add HTML signatures to SupportDesk email templates by allowing the inclusion of one email template into another email template.

Create your Signature

To create a signature, go to Settings > E-mail Setup. Select ‘User Defined’ from the Type drop-down.

Click on ‘Add New Template’ and in the Subject Field, enter a name for the signature. Click the HTML button. Add your signature to the Message field as in the example below and save your template by clicking OK.

email signature page

When your template is saved, please note the template number e.g. 740:

email template number

You can create multiple signatures by adding a new template for each signature. Don’t forget to give each template a unique name.

Add Signature to Email

To add a signature to a SupportDesk Email template, select an email template and in the Message field of the template, add the following*:


*please include the appropriate template number for your own Signature template

Then save your Email template by clicking OK and repeat the process for any other templates in which you would like to include an HTML signature. You can add a signature to any of the email templates in the Email Setup list.

email template signature

You can re-use the above functionality for embedding templates other than signature templates within your SupportDesk Email templates.