Common Errors/Queries

The table below is a list of common errors/queries found when using the mail integration feature. For any additional questions, please contact

The Mail menu is greyed out Check the Login’s details – is e-mail enabled on the Options tab? Check the properties of the SupportDesk shortcut icon – are the settings the same as other users?
Attachments are not being sent with emails Make sure somewhere in the body of the email template there is the line <Call:Attachments>. This will attach the attachments associated with the Ticket to the mail
Mail not being sent by SupportDesk Clients As a simple diagnostic, test the client using Outlook Express – configured with the same parameters as SupportDesk. If this cannot send mail then the problem is most likely down to architecture or security settings, not SupportDesk.
SMTP sending email failed unable to relay for … Reported by hhsmtp32.dll error 161 The error is an SMTP server configuration issue. It’s saying that the SMTP server that’s configured in SupportDesk is denying access for sending to the designated address. The SMTP server needs setting up to allow relaying of email for this user (or his IP address, or subnet).You’ll need to configure the email (SMTP) server to allow relaying (sending onward of external email) for all of the client machines, or open it up to a range.
SMTP Email Failing Error Number 10053 Both McAfee VirusScan 8 and Norton Antivirus 2004 have been found to give these errors sometimes, but other virus scanners or versions may also cause these errors. Firewalls and Internet Security applications must be configured to allow SupportDesk to send SMTP email over TCP/IP port 25. What we have found in the past is that anti-virus software blocks certain applications from sending email. They usually have an exclusion list, to which the SupportDesk binaries need adding, rather than simply opening a port.
Customer wants to use a different port for sending mail using SMTP All you need to do is in the “SMTP Server” box, place the port number after the server name, separated by a colon. Like this: servername:123
Where does the SMTP email option look to determine what to put in the FROM address. The order is as follows:

1) ‘SMTP From’ Address in email template (takes precedence)

2) Mail -> Setup & Templates – Email Address

3) Mail -> Setup & Templates – Login Name (if above is blank)

SMTP authentication on the SMTP Server If your SMTP server is set to operate with SMTP authentication mail will not be sent by logins that do not have the appropriate authentication information in the database. This may throw up Relay errors which can be misleading. There are two fields towards the end of the User table (SUPUSERS) which are intended to hold SMTP authentication information. There is also code to actually use the data in these fields in SupportDesk. However, there isn’t an interface to the fields through the SupportDesk screens as yet! The two fields are called: szsmtpaccount szsmtppassword You need to use SQL Enterprise Manager to add the necessary data in SUPUSERS. i.e. ‘Return All Rows’ on the SUPUSERS table in Enterprise Manager, locate your user record, move along this row until you find the two fields mentioned above. Enter the necessary details, save and close. You will need to put the information in every record at some time
SMTP 550 5.7.1 errors Have a look at Microsoft Knowledge Base article 895853, How to troubleshoot mail relay issues in Exchange Server 2003 and in Exchange 2000 Server.
Email sent via SMTP on Windows or Web is very slow. Windows version shows a dialog while waiting for the SMTP server. Send succeeds eventually. If Exchange/Microsoft SMTP server. Check that SMTP server isn’t configured to do maximum logging in the ExchangeIMC (Internet Mail Connector) Service (via Exchange Administrator) as this can cause the SMTP server to do a reverse DNS lookup for every connection request. This can slow connection requests down. Try sending via Outlook Express to measure send speed independent of SupportDesk. ‘Telnet servername 25’ – should respond immediately with an SMTP welcome string.
Mails from the WebServer are not getting sent Check:

1) Have you got copies of ipworks*.dll and hhsmtp32.dll in your SupportDesk WebServer installation directory?

2) Is Mail=1 set in the [WebServer] section of the WebServer’s suppdesk.ini file (in the WebServer’s installation directory)?

3) Check the SMTP server setting in Mail Setup.

4) If you change any of the above, you may need to recycle your WebServer Application Pool in order to activate the changes.

5) Can you actually see the SMTP server from the WebServer machine (e.g., can you ping to the SMTP server from WebServer machine)?

MAPI 3 No default sign in This error message indicates that SupportDesk hasn’t been told which profile to look at in order to use a mail client.

Go to Mail | Setup & Templates and ensure that the Profile Name in MAPI settings is correct.

To find your profile, right click on your Outlook icon and check the Profile Name on the properties icon.

MAPI 25 Invalid Recipients You can get this error when SupportDesk is trying to resolve the login name (or contact name) with the names in Outlook contacts. You may get this message if the customer/contact is marked as internal.
MAPI 26: Not Supported Use POP3/SMTP rather than the MAPI interface
“A program is trying to automatically send an email on your behalf.  Do you want it to allow this?” This is a message from Outlook and not SupportDesk. Unfortunately, Microsoft has not provided the functionality to switch this security feature off.

There is a third party solution: Express Click Yes is a small program that sits in the taskbar and clicks the Yes button for you when Outlook’s Security Guard opens prompt form saying that a program is trying to send an email with Outlook or access its address book. You can suspend and resume it by double-clicking its taskbar icon. Developers can automate its behavior by sending special messages.

We do not support Express click-yes but have been using it with no problems.

Mail read stops The security settings on some systems required all access to the mail system by other programs to be authorised and a dialog box is shown prompting for this. If using the utility ClickYes to automatically do this then ensure that this has not stopped and access to mail is being denied. Simply stop the background read and start a manual main read. If this works then it may be ClickYes has stopped.
One machine cannot use e-mail, but all others are OK. On the rogue machine check the following:-

1. On the SupportDesk icon properties, ensure that the Start In directory matches the settings on a machine with no problems.

2. While out of SupportDesk, open the suppdesk.ini file (found in the Windows directory) and ensure that the setting under [DLL32] is EMail=HhsMap32.dll. Change and save suppdesk.ini if necessary.