Associating Child Inventories with Services

ServiceDesk also makes it possible through the main Service Details screen to specify the Child Inventories that are associated with the Service. Clicking on More > Assoc. CIs shows this form:associate child inventories formIn this example, you can see that the Cloud Accounting Server has been associated with various CIs. To add additional CIs to the service, select the desired CI from the drop-down menu on the right side of the screen (seen below), and click ‘Add’.associate ci form add sectionThis association ripples through the system and can be seen in various areas, such as on the actual Asset Summary, which can be accessed by Supervisors in the Your Company drop-down menu under Assets.assets menu tabDrilling down on the asset reveals more details and also the Op. Status drop-down.associate ci asset summary drilldownWhen a child CI is listed as Offline or Impacted, this then filters through to the parent Service, and the Service displays as such:
associate ci asset service summaryIt is then possible to see what is connected to the CI by clicking on the Diagram (diagram icon) link next to the Customer field in the CI record. The diagram below can be an indicator of the knock-on effect a CI going offline could have:diagram sample