Adding Ticket Notes

Help Desk notes can be added to tickets in SupportDesk. This area of the software provides a communication channel for engineers and agents working on service desk tickets, and for Customers wishing to contact agents directly. The Note automatically records the date and time of creation, the note Author and the Status of the ticket at the time the Note was written. The Notes tab sits at the top or bottom of the ticket screen, and provides a full chronological audit trail.

Manual Notesadding manual notesInternal Notes

When adding a manual note, the decision can be made as to whether to keep the note as an internal message, so that only support staff can view it. Alternatively, you can enable Customers to view notes on tickets logged via the self-service web portal, in order to provide an additional communication channel and a level of transparency. This is controlled by the Internal tick box, and when selected, the note is Internal. Notes default to being Internal on creation:internal tickboxIf the Internal tick box is selected on the ticket note, the note will be hidden from the Customer (WebGuest). If the tick box is deselected, the Note will be visible on the ticket when viewed by the Customer via the self-service portal.

Important Notes

SupportDesk enables Notes to be flagged as Important by support staff so they are instantly identifiable.important notes tickboxOnce the Important tick box is selected on the Note, the Important sign is displayed next to the Note in the Note trail on the ticket:important notes trail