Activating Forms

At Folder Level

Once the Forms have been created there are different ways to make use of them. For Forms that are to be used in the main SupportDesk Ticket screens the Forms can be specified at Folder level on the Form Maintenance screen (Settings > Folders) where there are the options to specify the Form to be used by licenced SupportDesk users and the Form to be used by WebGuests.folder level activation page

Tying Forms to Quick Calls

Special Forms such as “Equipment Request” or “New Starter” Forms are best utilised by associating them with QuickCalls. This is covered in the following steps for the Web UI:

  1. From the menu select the required Folder.
  2. required folder selection

  3. Select the QuickCalls option on the right hand side.
  4. quickcalls selection

  5. Select Add New Quick Call – or if the Quick Call already exists select it.
  6. add quickcall

  7. Select the required Form from the offered drop down list or use the + option to create.
  8. required form selection

The Quick Call and Form are now available for your end users though the Self Service Portal.
self service portal