Human Resources help desk

HR help desk

June 28, 2013


Human Resources help desk:

SupportDesk HR is the helpdesk solution from House-on-the-Hill that enables businesses to manage HR tasks and requests. The software can be used as a stand-alone system, or added to your ITSM or Customer support service desk.

Human Resources help desk software, SupportDesk HR, offers the ability to extend the use of the software into additional business areas, and many organisations using SupportDesk are choosing to do just that with SupportDesk solutions covering the effective management of IT Services and HR helpdesk calls. It is also possible to mix and match deployment method, with many SupportDesk users choosing to have their IT system as an on-demand solution hosted by HotH, and their HR solution managed On-Site.

Some features of SupportDesk HR include the ability to build online forms to aid submission of holiday requests, sick notes, and routing submissions to the relevant departments automatically. You can also guide sensitive issues such a disciplinary or grievances through the HR process ensuring all steps have been adhered to with minimum administrative effort and ensuring that all data is confidential with only appropriate parties being able to access it.

SupportDesk HR is proving an increasingly popular solution for businesses that wish to manage this data within a separate system from their core service desk. To find out more, you can read about SupportDesk HR here.

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