FOI Request Management Tool

foi request management tool

November 14, 2011


FOI Request Management Tool

House-on-the-Hill have proposed to make the management of Freedom of Information Requests easier, paperless, and hassle-free, by launching their FOI Request Management Tool: SupportDesk FOI. The service desk software solution is designed specifically for the efficient digital management of FOI requests, with MOJ recommended templates built in as standard.

This month has seen the launch of SupportDesk FOI: a service desk software solution with the framework to build a comprehensive system that follows FOI guidelines as standard, but is also flexible enough to incorporate the specific requirements of any organisation.

The FOI Request Management Tool has Ministry of Justice recommended templates built-in as standard, and company Director, Iain Broadhead described how, ‘SupportDesk FOI’s intuitive functionality enables users to be automatically alerted during key stages of the process, to ensure all deadlines are met.’

Broadhead added: ‘This paperless FOI Request Management Tool safely stores all process details, from the initial FOI Request, assessment results and fees, right through to exemption and outcome information. As well as being more environmentally friendly, the software provides the complete and effective management of requests while cutting administration costs.’

Visit the SupportDesk FOI page for more details and to see how SupportDesk FOI can benefit your organisation today.

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