SupportDesk 2020 Upgrade!

August 25, 2020


Ready for your House-on-the-Hill 2020 Upgrade?


Need a holiday Job? Not going away this summer? Got a little time to spare? Perhaps you would like your HotH 2020 upgrade?


Check out what is new in 2020!


Even if the new features are not for you, it is worth having the upgrade for the fixes. And for those of you who offer anonymous call logging you should upgrade for the additional security features.


We are contacting those who have a hosted deployment to agree a time to upgrade; you don’t have to do anything!

If HotH is installed on your own server, you can email us to check your eligibility.


We can do the upgrade for you and update your browser to have the latest styling.


If you want to take a look at what is on offer, you can create a trial or get in touch and we’ll make one for you.


Happy Holidays!

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