SupportDesk 2013 Update

July 18, 2013


SupportDesk 2013 Update

The latest version of SupportDesk was released earlier this year, and we are thrilled with the feedback that we have received for our newest release. New and old customers alike have been frequently impressed with the new look and feel, with users finding the new style layout easier to navigate, with timeline features, further enhancements to form technology and customisable drill-down reports creating an improved user experience.

There have also been significant changes made to the self-service portal, making logging Incidents and Requests a more friendly and streamlined experience for Customers. The new style layout offers a list of the user’s open issues upon logging in, a display of subscribed services and if these are online, offline or impacted, a section for frequently asked questions and a QuickCall selection dropdown with pre-populated templates for the speedy and accurate logging of issues. The web portal also now displays public KnowledgeBase items to end users with Case Based Reasoning, in order to suggest possible solutions to their issue and encourage self-diagnosis.

Our team of developers are constantly enhancing functionality within SupportDesk, and aim to keep SupportDesk user-friendly, customisable and contemporary. As such, the team are already working on developments for the next release, including drag and drop dashboards, and are keen to hear 2013 feedback and feature improvement suggestions. Therefore, if you are a SupportDesk 2013 user and would like to let us know what you think, please get in touch. Alternatively, if you would like to take a look at the new system and how the end-user experience has been enhanced, check out thisSupportDesk 2013 Tour.

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