Strong Passwords within SupportDesk

August 30, 2019


Outlined below is how to ensure the use of strong passwords within your SupportDesk system, to protect your data and that of your clients.

If you are using a hosted SupportDesk system or have a browser interface that is not restricted to internal use, then you most definitely should be implementing strong passwords within your system.

How to set up your passwords

Under Settings>Webserver>Advanced Settings, there is a field where you set the minimum password length. The default is 8 characters, and this cannot be set to any less. There is also a field where you can set a default password which will be used in password resets and this must also meet the minimum criteria.

When a login is manually created, the system will check that the password meets the minimum requirements, which is an capital alphabetical letter, a numeric and also a symbol. If the password does not meet any of these, the system will notify the user and ask them to amend it.

Password Reset Functionality

For password resets, you need to have :-

  • the user’s email address on their login details
  • an email template for password resets on the manual tab that includes the variable system:passwordreset
User email address on Login Details

You can manually reset a user’s password on their login details record, the password is reset to the default system password prefix plus a randomly generated string. A mail is triggered to go to the email address on the login record and the system:passwordreset variable is resolved to the newly generated password.

When the user next logs in with the new password, the system detects that it is a generated password and enforces the user to provide a password of their choice that meets the strong password criteria.

Prompt to create a new password

Do you need any further help with making a strong and secure password? Send an email into and one of our colleagues would be more than happy to help!

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