Speedy Hire are happy with House-on-the-Hill

service desk software

March 9, 2010


Speedy is a leading provider of equipment, expertise and support services to construction, infrastructure, industrial and related industries. Its customers include world class construction companies and organisations.

Founded in 1977, Speedy has grown to a 450m organisation with more than 100,000 customers, 4,500 employees and a national network of 450 depots.

Its IT helpdesk is made up of two teams – a first line support team of seven people and a second line support team of four. The teams handle an average of 10,000 phone calls a month plus other issues logged over the web or via email.

Since 2006 Speedy had been using one of the large brand’s off-the-shelf support desk software solutions to log all these calls. This proved to be very costly and inefficient with all updates and amendments needing to be carried out by a third party.

With the re-organisation of Speedy and pressures applied by the current economic climate, Speedy was looking for a more efficient, easy-to-use and adaptable solution whilst reducing overall running costs.

After a vigorous tender process, it selected House-on-the-Hill (HotH) as its preferred vendor, installing the Manchester-based supplier’s SupportDesk product.

There were a number of factors that set House-on-the-Hill apart from its competitors:

    • – The speed that a call could be logged


    • – Ease of design and flexibility


    • – Out-of-the box reporting solutions


    • – Web portal functionality


    • – Running costs


    • – More personal service


Implementation of SupportDesk was complete within 10 days, fully supported by HotH. Over the past six months, Speedy has built on its relationship with the supplier, working with it to develop new functionality tailored around additional requirements.

The system required very little user training as it was so simple for users to pick up. Feedback from users has led us to make changes to the application ourselves, keeping running costs down and productivity up. From the introduction of SupportDesk, Speedy’s support team has been able to send out professional automated emails to allow end users to be kept fully up to date with the status of their call, something which again required a vast amount of third party set-up with the previous solution.

Speedy had never before used the web portal in the previous application as it was so cumbersome and expensive to set up. However, House on the Hill has enabled us to just switch this functionality on, allowing us to brand it with our own colour scheme and logo.

The success of SupportDesk was noted by other departments within the Speedy organisation and the software is now being used by the Customer Services team, Supply Chain and Financial Services Centre.

Speedy has kept up a good working relationship with HotH. Andrew Clark, SupportDesk administrator, is regularly in contact with Mike Charles at House-on-the-Hill, discussing new ideas for future releases of the product whilst HotH Managing Director Iain Broadhead regularly pops in to Speedy’s offices in Haydock to keep up to date with what’s happening. Working closely together has benefitted both Speedy and House-on-the Hill in delivering the best solution.

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