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October 16, 2017


Six SupportDesk Software Trial sign-Ups in one place.

Here at House-on-the-Hill, we know our stuff when it comes to service management software! We have been developing SupportDesk solutions for nearly 25 years, and have witnessed their benefits to companies worldwide. One such benefit, which has set us apart from other suppliers, is the ability to extend SupportDesk into additional business areas. So one single system can be used for multiple departments, with users locked down, seeing just what is relevant to them.

SupportDesk is available in a variety of pre-configured, out-of-the-box solutions. These include SupportDesk for IT Service Management. SupportDesk ITSM has been designed around ITIL best practices and is perfect for IT departments of all sizes. This solution enables the effective management of ITSM processes, from Incident and Problem, to Request and Change Management. Then there is SupportDesk FOI, which allows for the paperless management of FOI, DP and EIR Requests. We also offer different SupportDesk packages. These range from Foundation: a simple ticket logging helpdesk, to the all singing all dancing Ultimate package. And now, you can sign up for various SupportDesk solutions from one single sign-up page!

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