ServiceDesk Security Success!

servicedesk security

March 26, 2018


SupportDesk has peak performance in penetration test.

SupportDesk service management software from House-on-the-Hill has recently undergone extensive penetration testing on its web application. A penetration test is performed on a software system in order to identify potential weaknesses in security, as well as strengths. The testing company effectively therefore tried to ‘break in’ to a SupportDesk system, in order to identify any areas in which the servicedesk security needed to be improved.

It was however not possible to access the software, its features and data without the required login and password details: SupportDesk passed the penetration testing with flying colours!

The testing company stated: “A web application test was carried out on a site for House on the Hill, the application was found to have a very good security posture and it was not possible to gain unauthorised access to the application.”


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