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October 31, 2014


Service desk software process focus for Change Management:

how SupportDesk from House-on-the-Hill Software enables you to implement an effective Change Management procedure based on IT service management best practice:

Part of Service Transition in IT Service Management procedures, the objective of Change Management is to control the implementation of IT infrastructure changes, whilst minimizing the risk to the business and keeping the likelihood of related incidents and problems as low as possible.

It is common for Change Management processes to have various Change Models, which are associated with risk to the business and with how urgently the Change is required. Such Change Models may include ‘Standard’, ‘Normal’ and ‘Emergency’.

change management paperless voting

As the names suggest, the Model is selected based upon how urgently the Change is required, and each Model will trigger a unique workflow that is designed to cater for each scenario. SupportDesk’s parenting functionality allows for this: the initial choice of Model will set in motion the associated child workflow for the Change model required by automatically generating the first stage of the Change process.

Paperless Voting

For many organisations, the Change Management process can involve lots of running around, trying to get the appropriate parties to sign various forms to approve or reject Changes. With Automated Paperless Change Authorisation within SupportDesk, this can be eradicated, and voting emails can be automatically sent to authorizers at specific stages of the Change process. This makes things much simpler, as well as making your organisation greener by reducing the amount of printing required.

Change voting email

The email to the voting party contains two links: the first is a link to a read-only version of the Change. Because of SupportDesk’s drag n drop forms designer, you can choose as much or as little information to display on this form. However, it is likely that you would wish to include as much detail as possible so that the voting party can make an informed decision, such as the description of the Change, associated Risks, the Test Plan, the Backout Procedure, how many systems/users will be effected, and so forth. Change details can be recorded on the Change form using extra fields, or sub-tasks can be included at specific stages of the Change workflow in which details of Backout procedures, Risk Assessments etc. can be recorded. Unique forms can be created and generated for these individual task types:

backout procedure change management task

The second link takes the authorizer to the Voting screen. So, once the authorizer has viewed the details of the Change, they can then make a decision as to whether they Approve or Reject the Change. This form includes a comments field, so that information as to why they have come to their decision can be included.

Paperless Change Voting

All voters must Approve the Change before it is moved automatically to the chronological Approved Stage. With the first Rejection, the Change will move automatically to the chronological Rejected Stage. Other voting parties will be notified that the Change has already been rejected if they follow the link to cast their vote. In the case of a rejection, the Change Manager can then decide how to progress the Change: the Change may be rejected and Closed outright, or the Change can be resubmitted to the voting stage once required alterations have been made.

Have What Works for You

SupportDesk is a highly flexible tool, and so the ability to design a Change Management process that works for your organisation is something that our customers benefit from: it may be that only one voting stage is required, it may be that several are needed from multiple parties and Change Advisory Bodies. It really is dependant on whatever works for your business, so SupportDesk can be customised to suit your needs, rather than the other way around.

If you would like to find out more about SupportDesk’s Change Management functionality, please get in touch to arrange your SupportDesk demonstration.

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