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Rich Text Editor & Global Search

Rich Text Editor & Global Search man drinking coffee


This month we are talking about a few of our new 2021 features. First up, Rich Text Editor and Global Search!

Rich Text Editor ticket illustration

Rich Text Editor

You can now add images and format the text on your tickets with the new subject/description field. Rich Text Editor is great for adding screenshots used in diagnosing incidents or for breaking up lengthy requests using bullet points, links and text sizes. This new subject field can be used by your end-users and agents, so end-users can populate a new ticket with a screenshots and images to reflect their issue.  

You can also use the rich text editor alongside our “Email to Ticket” functionality in House-on-the-Hill. This means that when an email is created into a ticket. The content of the email is displayed in this field along with the images embedded. Another easy way to see the exact nature of the issue you are currently working on. 

Global Search illustration

Global Search

Global Search is a powerful new component for House-on-the-Hill, a game changer. Drag onto your dashboard and you can dynamically search across all your: 

  • Tickets 
  • Work requests 
  • Cases 
  • All folders
  • Contacts
  • End-Users 
  • Organisations 
  • Knowledge base 
  • Products 
  • Assets 
  • Suppliers 
  • POs/Invoices 

Pretty much the entirety of House-on-the-Hill! Your workflow will speed up tenfold as you pinpoint the exact resource you need in a flash.

Less clicks, easy to use and more productive. Upgrade your service today to enjoy the Rich Text Editor and Global Search features.

House Music

There are wedding bells in the HotH office this month… so instead of creating a playlist we have just stole Peter’s wedding playlist!