New Service Desk Software features

January 26, 2012


SupportDesk’s new service desk software features were first showcased at the HotH User Group in November last year. House-on-the-Hill is excited to reveal features of SupportDesk 2012. These include:

Graphical Workflow Designer: this exciting new feature extends the SupportDesk functionality by providing a graphical interface to the management of Status codes within Service Level Management. By using drag-and-drop, a schematic can be produced to represent the workflow of the codes. The interface may also be used to actually create the Status Workflow within SupportDesk, making it easier than ever before for Supervisors to effectively manage workflows.

Case Based Reasoning: SupportDesk 2012 supports Case Based Reasoning, the interactive display of possible solutions to incidents as the subject of the incident is typed. This is available on the Self Service Web Portal and makes use of the powerful House Forms feature. As the subject of the call is typed, matching entries from the Knowledgebase are displayed on the screen and the user can select from the offered solutions.

Availability Management: this process allows for the maintenance of staff working hours, holidays, general availability and automatic exclusivity of staff to active high priority calls. Clear on-screen icons and information displayed at the time of call assignment means that the management of precious staff resource is always optimised.

Automated Change Authorisation: a powerful feature to enable streamlined transmission of voting emails to parties, to authorise change requests raised by end users. The status of the change request automatically progresses as a result of the votes returned from the authorising parties. The progression can lead to the change being re-assigned to other parties for the next stage of authorisation (if all votes are positive) or the change request stops on the receipt of a no-vote.

These are just a handful of the new advancements that SupportDesk 2012 has to offer. If you would like to find out more, speak to one of our consultants today

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