MOS Move to On Demand Service Desk

May 31, 2013


The On Demand Service Desk is becoming a huge benefit for increasing numbers of businesses worldwide. This month, MOS move to the Cloud.

The on demand service desk: increasing numbers of businesses are discovering the benefits of opting for, or moving their helpdesk tool to a cloud environment, as this means freedom from maintaining hardware and software: something that is taken care of by the service desk host.

SupportDesk from House-on-the-Hill is available as both an On-Site and On-Demand service desk. This means that businesses can choose the deployment method that best suits their working environment, with the ability to move between deployment methods based upon evolving service desk demands.

This month, HotH customers Managed Office Solutions chose to move their SupportDesk helpdesk into the House-on-the-Hill cloud. MOS, now part of Regus, is the market leading managed office provider, delivering innovative office acquisition and disposal solutions to businesses.

SupportDesk On-Demand is a cloud helpdesk that offers full service desk functionality, but is hosted by House-on-the-Hill Software, offering a hassle-free system that can be up and running quickly. You can read more about the features of HotH’s cloud helpdesk packages or take your own free trial.

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