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Modern Ticketing with HotH Automation

23 April 2021



We would like to introduce you to a new  HotH Automation feature; a great way of routing your incoming emails to create and triage tickets with the correct categorisation. Lets keep your inbox Spring Clean all year round.

Email Matching Filter Form


We don’t make the rules…You do!

HotH Automation allows you to create tickets automatically based on a subject match, or on a keyword match in the email body. You can also create rules for your self-service portal. A QuickTicket match will auto-populate relevant information such as Types, Status’, SLAs, Assignee and more.

HotH Automation can also be used to calibrate your mailbox rules to ignore or delete an incoming email  – keep your inbox squeaky clean!

Pssst – And whilst on the subject of email, we have had a number of urgent issues recently where mail has stopped working due to change in passwords.
Please advise HotH if you plan to …Amend the password on your Email SMTP or POP3 serverSwitch to Azure AD or change the UPNBoth of these actions could potentially affect the smooth operation of your HotH system and you should take advice from us in advance. 


House Music

After last months reaction to our HotH 100 playlist, we are pleased to announce it will be a permanent feature. With International Jazz day fast approaching (30th April, but I’m sure you knew that already, right?!) Our House Music playlist is a collaboration of our JAZZ favourites that we have been listing to this month. Enjoy!


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