Mobile Service Desk

December 1, 2014


Mobile Service Desk software tool from House-on-the-Hill:

enable engineers to access the helpdesk when working away from the office or on customer sites using smart-phones or tablets, mobilizing the Service Desk!

With the increasing flexibility of working environments including Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and allowing staff members to access networks remotely from home, it is important to have a reliable tool that enables businesses to run smoothly whilst keeping everyone in-the-loop.

SupportDesk Mobile offers a stripped-down, user-friendly interface for engineers and service desk agents to access calls when they are on the move. This is an essential feature for technicians visiting customers to fix faulty equipment, for facilities management organisations and for service desk agents that may hot-desk or work on multiple sites.

The Mobile Service Desk means that, by using the same login as when accessing the helpdesk from a desktop or laptop, agents and engineers can view their call queue, log, update and reassign calls, and ensure that SLAs are met even when away from their desk. A job can be flagged as Resolved as soon as it is completed, avoiding service desk managers having to chase outstanding calls.

For facilities management organisations, a highly useful feature of the mobile service desk is the ability to add photographs to jobs: engineers can take pictures on their smart-phone or tablet of the infrastructure problem, whether it is a leaky roof or broken door etc., and this can then be attached to the job.

Touch functionality means that SupportDesk Mobile also includes a signature capture feature for customer sign-off. Once the job is completed, it may be a contractual requirement for the customer to agree that the job is completed by signing a form. The signature can be captured using touch-screen smart phones and tablets, and again, this can be attached to the job itself so that a complete audit trail is visible from start to finish, all in one place.

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