LSG Select HotH’s Cloud Service Desk

January 14, 2013


LSG Select HotH’s Cloud Service Desk

Lifestyle Services Group (LSG) is one of the UK’s leading providers of mobile device protection solutions, packaged account products and bespoke services to the retail banking and telecoms sectors. The company’s call centres help to support all aspects of customers mobile life, with 1200 staff based across 3 sites, including the LSG head-office situated in Crewe.

A strongly customer-focussed organisation, LSG’s IT department was looking for a user-friendly and flexible tool to support the management of internal IT issues, requests and change processes, in order to provide staff with the best support service. After exploring different service desk software options, LSG chose SupportDesk from House-on-the-Hill: a solution that is highly configurable with a simple end-user interface.

After being configured to suit the exact requirements of the business, including automating business workflows, customising the WebGuest Self-Service Portal and implementing Service Level Agreements for the prioritisation and effective management of support issues, SupportDesk was launched at LSG, and IT Service Delivery Manager Rachel Hickin decided to stage a HotH drop-in for LSG staff. Setting up a base at the head office where users could come along and ask any questions regarding their new system, HotH consultants as well as LSG Service Desk Manager David Boulton were present to answer any queries and show users around the new tool.

The launch day was a great success with SupportDesk being well received by LSG staff, and Rachel was satisfied that The IT team have responded positively to the product and are finding it easy to use. Now IT staff can log on to their personal helpdesk portal and quickly submit any issues or requests using partially pre-populated WebgGuest forms, in one simple step, with no need for time-consuming or confusing data entry. These calls are then entered straight into the service desk’s work queue, facilitating their speedy and efficient resolution. SupportDesk is now fully up-and-running at LSG and is being used as Software as a Service, meaning the system infrastructure and maintenance can be completely taken care of by House-on-the-Hill. Speaking of the decision to choose SaaS as the deployment option for SupportDesk, Rachel said that it gives us a great level of confidence that our system is being monitored and backed up efficiently. Rachel also confirmed that using SupportDesk in the Cloud gives us assurance that in a disaster recovery situation for LSG we would still be able to have full access to our Service Management tool.

Rachel worked closely with HotH consultants during SupportDesk’s initial setup in order to create the system and business workflows that suited LSG the best. Remarking that the House on the Hill implementation and roll out went very smoothly, she was also pleased that LSG’s call IT service desk handling is now more efficient and we have much more confidence in the call reporting.

So with the successful roll-out of their new SaaS service desk system, LSG’s internal IT teams are well supported with a tool that is user-friendly, flexible and cared for by HotH in the Cloud.

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