Incidents and Requests Service Desk

December 8, 2014


Managing Incidents and Requests Side by Side

  1. Incident or Request?

When a customer calls, it may not be immediately obvious whether a call is an incident or request. As such, to have the option to switch and to log an incident or request with the same form in the same folder is a big advantage: simply altering a category can adjust the workflow, so that the flow of logging the call is relevant to an Incident or Request. Alternatively, if you manage these processes within separate folders, it is possible to move calls between folders in SupportDesk. So, if an Incident is logged and then it turns out to in fact be a Request, the call can then be moved to the correct folder using the Move button.

  1. Self-Service Portal?

Using House Forms in SupportDesk, you can create unique forms for various types of Incidents and Request, so that all required information can be captured when your customers are logging calls on the web self-service portal. This means that you can have unique Incident and Request forms for the customer to choose from, whether equipment requests, password resets, starter forms etc.

On the other end of the spectrum, you may choose to keep the decision-making for the customer to a minimum, and have one generic form for logging both Incidents and Requests. Customers could simply be required to enter the details of their call, and this can then be processed by Service Desk Agents.

  1. Different SLAs?

Naturally, the Service Level Agreements for an Incident may be completely different from a Request. Whether you wish to manage Incidents and Requests in separate folders, or within the same folder, you can still have unique SLAs for both types of call. SLAs can be set against the Type, the Sub-Type and other call categories. The selection of a specific Incident or Request can then automatically generate the correct Priority, and Response, Warning and Action times, and the appropriate email templates can be sent to relevant parties.

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