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HotH Teams Bot *New And Improved!*


For the past year and a half, MS Teams has become an integral part of business. As a result, we have accelerated the development of our very own Teams integration even further – with HotHBot V2!

HotHBot V2

HotHBot V2 screenshot of form

HotHBot V2 allows you to effortlessly categorise your tickets, in a format that is similar to what you use HotH. Select a Customer / End-User, choose a Type, Status & Priority and away you go – clicking OK on the form will instantly generate a ticket for you!

HotHBot V2 screenshot of ticket reference

Need to view the ticket in full? HotHBot generates a link directly to your system so you can see how it is progressing!

How to HotH –  #Mail API

Mail API Logo

The Mail API allows service desk agents to set ticket properties in the body of an email when creating a new ticket or responding to an existing ticket.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use and switch on
  • Ignored if sent by an end-user

How It Works:

Enable the Commands

To use these commands, House-on-the-Hill needs to enable #Mail API.

Create the Mail Read Form

Navigate using Settings > Email Settings, Type=Email Read Forms

An Email Read Form must exist in the required format

The Process

If the body of an incoming email contains a valid # control it will update that setting on the ticket. The incoming email address must correspond to a person permitted to update the ticket.

Available Controls

Set Type on a New Ticket
Set Sub-Type on a New Ticket
Set SLA on a New Ticket
Set Urgency on a New Ticket
Set Analysis on a New Ticket

#type <Name of Type> 
#subtype <Name of Sub-Type>  
#sla <Name of SLA>
#urgency <Name of Urgency>  
#analysis <Name of Analysis>  

Set Status on New or Existing Ticket 
Set Priority on New or Existing Ticket 
Set Assignee on New or Existing Ticket
Set Group on New or Existing Ticket 
Set Customer/User on New or Existing Ticket
Set Owner on New or Existing Ticket   

#status <Name of Status> 
#priority <Name of Priority>  
#assign <Tag, Name or Email Address of Assignee> 
#group <Tag, Name or Email address of Group> 
#requester <Tag, Name or Email address of User> 
#raisedby <Tag, Name or Email address of Owner> Mark this new Note as private                 #internal 

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House Music

July has been a month of sun and storms – here’s some of the weather related tunes we have been vibing!