Graphical Workflow Designer

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September 20, 2011


Graphical Workflow Designer announced:

as the release of SupportDesk 2012 approaches, HotH’s technical wizards are revealing exciting new developments in the software’s functionality. This month, the introduction of a graphical workflow designer for the visualisation of categorisations within Service Level Management is nearing completion.

The Workflow Designer provides a graphical interface, allowing Status codes to be managed via a drag and drop facility. A visual workflow map can therefore be viewed with ease, facilitating the creation of new statuses and consequently optimising the efficiency of your system.

This new feature will prove revolutionary in the way that SupportDesk is configured, and will not only make the setup of new systems easier, but will greatly assist with the upkeep of your existing configuration.

If status codes already exist within SupportDesk, these will appear in the designer when it is first opened and will be represented by boxes connected by arrows depending on parent and child relationships. If additional statuses are being created or a workflow is being set up from scratch, then by simply hitting the New button on the toolbar, a box will appear ready for customisation. The status boxes and arrows can then be highlighted and dragged and dropped so that the connecting position on the box is adjusted.

This attractive new feature means that it will be easier than ever before to manage categories, make any adjustments or modifications, and to keep your SupportDesk running smoothly. The all new Workflow Designer will be released in SupportDesk 2012, so watch this space!

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