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August 29, 2013


Obtain maximum value from your help desk software with these handy tips from House-on-the-Hill.

At House-on-the-Hill we want to ensure that you are using your SupportDesk system to its maximum potential, and that you are aware of all the functionality that the help desk software has to offer. This article outlines a few handy tips and suggestions for how you may be able to get the most out of your SupportDesk:

1. Archive closed records (manually or automatically)

If you find that your folders are full of old closed records, you can archive these en-masse via Settings > Archive Closed. Alternatively, you can choose for records to be moved straight into the archive upon closure by ticking Auto-Archive on Closing Call from within Company Configuration, with the ability to move calls back into Live if needed.

2. Generate Activities automatically on calls

Do you often manually add sub-tasks (Activities) onto calls? If you have a call Type that requires the same Activities to be raised upon logging each time, you can choose for these to be raised automatically when a new call of that Type is logged. You can set this up within Service Level Management, select the Type, and choose the Activity/Activities to be automatically raised in the Raise Child Activities section. Assignees will be prompted to complete Activities before the call can be closed.

3. Build your KnowledgeBase

Do you have regularly recurring calls that have similar solutions? Or, do you find that you waste time solving problems that you are sure have been fixed before? If so, it is a good idea to build your KnowledgeBase, and with SupportDesks in-built KBase tool, you can keep records of Known-Errors, Workarounds and Resolutions. Keyword functionality means that SupportDesk automatically scans the KnowledgeBase for related solutions as you enter the subject of the call, and solutions can be copied directly from the KnowledgeBase into the call. This is done from within a call by clicking on the KBase icon, finding your solution, and pulling it directly into the Solution field on the call screen by clicking Copy Solution, with the ability to make any additions or changes to the text.

4. Upgrade your help desk software to the latest version

Sometimes the requirements of your organisation change and evolve, and if you have used SupportDesk for a number of years, it may be that you are on an older version of the tool. This might suit you down to the ground, and your SupportDesk may function exactly as you need it to, in which case perhaps you do not need to upgrade. Otherwise, if you are on a maintenance contract with House-on-the-Hill, you are entitled to all SupportDesk upgrades for FREE! The advantage of upgrading is that you receive all of the latest functionality of a system created with current service desk requirements in mind. The latest version of SupportDesk is SupportDesk 2013, and you can check out the new features here.

5. Schedule an Upgrade and Healthcheck day!

You can book an upgrade and/or health check day for your SupportDesk where a House-on-the-Hill consultant will visit you on-site, upgrade your system to the latest version and perform a full health-check of your configuration and settings. This helps to improve how you use your system and gives you the opportunity to discuss how your processes, level of communication, monitoring etc. can be enhanced. House-on-the-Hill also offers in-depth training days for Service Desk Agents to system Administrators, so if you would like to find out more, please get in touch.

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