3 SupportDesk Solutions on G-Cloud 8!

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July 29, 2016


SupportDesk ITSM, FOI and FM, now listed on G-Cloud 8

G-Cloud 8 is the latest framework of the G-Cloud government ICT strategy. The gov.uk Digital Marketplace site describes the G-Cloud framework as “an agreement between the government and suppliers who provide cloud-based services” with G-Cloud’s remit being to simplify how the public sector procures and delivers services. This is achieved by creating a marketplace of ‘pay-as-you-go’ services which can be easily scaled up or down, based on the changing needs of an organisation and its users.

With 4 different categories or ‘lots’ to choose from, the Digital Marketplace makes it clear and quick for public sector organisations to select the right cloud-based software to suit their requirements, and SupportDesk ITSM has been listed in the ‘Software as a Service’ Category on previous G-Cloud frameworks.

Now, House-on-the-Hill’s G-Cloud portfolio has expanded, with the submission of not one, but three SaaS solutions to the new G-Cloud 8 framework. These are SupportDesk ITSM, SupportDesk FOI and SupportDesk FM.

As of this week, all 3 solutions have been officially accepted and listed on the G-Cloud 8 digital marketplace! Now, it will be easier than ever before for public sector organisations to streamline IT service management processes, implement paperless Freedom of Information request management and maintain facilities with SupportDesk SaaS!

Find out more about SaaS SupportDesk solutions for ITSM, FOI and FM, on the G-Cloud 8 Digital Marketplace.

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