First Contact Resolution Reporting

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November 1, 2011


First Contact Resolution Reporting with SupportDesk ITSM

When an issue is resolved at the first point of contact, this is classed as a ‘First Contact Resolution’, and can be recorded as such in SupportDesk using a dedicated tick box or Status setting. First contact resolution reporting and creating custom reports in the QuickReport designer.

Creating a first contact resolution report requires you to use the ‘FCR’ or ‘Hot’ tick box on the call screen for service desk agents to select when the call has been resolved on the first contact. By selecting this tick box when logging the call, the system recognises that the incident has been resolved on first contact with the customer.

Within Reporting, select New QuickReport. On the first tab Search for 1 in field FCR (please see image). Then enter the Date Range you wish to report on in the Date Range tab. There is a drop down list you can choose from.

Next, on the Sort Order tab, use the chevrons so that Assignee is in the ‘sort By field. Then, move along to the Fields tab and use the chevrons to pick the fields in the report. Then, pick your Format, save and run the report.

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