Empower Customers: self service portal

self service portal

October 4, 2012


The self service portal can be a key part of the helpdesk.

Providing your customers access to a personal profile login means that they can log and track issues at the touch of a button, keeping phone lines free and providing your customers with a level of transparency.

The rise in the use of the helpdesk self service portal goes to show that, when it comes to service desk software tools, making the end-user experience as streamlined, friendly and fuss-free as possible is a must. An alternative to phoning in to the helpdesk and possibly spending time on hold, Self-Service portals allow for the instant submission of queries or issues to the help desk, freeing up phone lines at the same time as empowering the end-user. And empowerment is the key: giving end-users the ability to access the information, and the help they need, instantly.

With a welcoming user interface and simple WebGuest call logging form, the experience of submitting issues to the service desk using SupportDesk is easy, increasing the accurate entry of call details for service desk agents to then progress tickets through pre-defined business workflows.

Intuitive case-based reasoning functionality heightens the accessibility of data by presenting possible solutions to WebGuests, based on keywords as they are being typed by the end-user. KnowledgeBase articles are then listed news-feed style to promote self-diagnosis, as after all, knowledge is power!

The possibility for WebGuests to also vote on the usefulness of KnowledgeBase items is a huge advantage, opening communication channels further to continually improve the service offered to customers. This factor, along with current developments scheduled for the next major SupportDesk release to facilitate the ease of navigation further, means that you can show your Customers how much they are valued with a portal designed specifically around them.

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