Product contains a master list of the products that you work with. You can link company property with a specific employee or link a product to a specific supplier.

Product is often used to help support business tasks like stock control.

Adding Product Records Manually

To manually add a product record navigate to Your Company > Product to see a summary list of your products. 

Click on in the top left of the dashboard to create a new individual record.

There are numerous fields in which you can add the data as is required, mandatory fields are highlighted. 

Click OK to save and return to the Summary. Clicking Save lets you save and remain on the current record.

To remove a Product click the Archive checkbox and press OK

For information on bulk importing and exporting your data click here. 

Linking Products to Suppliers

You may have a product that relates to a certain supplier and want to set up Your Company to reflect this. To link a product with supplier, first create and save your Supplier record.
Then, via Your Company Product, open the record you would like to link and select the Supplier you wish to associate with them from the Supplier drop-down. 

Click OK to save. The Supplier will now be linked and visible in the fields on the Ticket logging screen. 

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