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Pro-Actively Manage Customers, Contracts, 3rd Party Suppliers & Products

HotH MSP provides Managed Service Providers with a scalable service desk for the pro-active process management and support of 3rd parties. HotH MSP can be tailored to the exact requirements of organisations, no matter how diverse the business.

Customer Support

Give Support Teams a Clear View

HotH MSP enables support teams to view exactly what they need to, via personalised support dashboards. If there are Agents and teams managing specific Customers, Services, KPIs, Processes, Contracts, Suppliers, even business areas, unique dashboards can be created using HotH’s drag and drop Dashboard designer. This means that, upon logging in to the service desk, an instant overview of relevant support areas is provided.

Customer Call Submission

Empower your Customers by providing a Self-Service portal for call-logging and tracking. This area of the software enables Customers to self-diagnose issues by accessing FAQs, view Service Updates, and stay updated with business Noticeboard items. The Web Self Service Portal can also be personalised for each Customer with Portal Branding, to include company logos and images.

Integrated Contract and Asset Management

HotH MSP’s powerful contract management enables the recording of contract completion dates, links to products, suppliers and services, and the calculation of associated costs.

Asset management allows for the detailed tracking of 3rd party and asset performance, with the capability to associate complex Service Level Agreements with customers and suppliers. Details of configuration item depreciation and Book Value can also be calculated. These areas allow MSPs to identify which assets and suppliers are performing well, and where savings can be made. Costs can be analysed in detail, such as cost of required components for services, the cost of contracts based on date-range, and customers can be identified as Gold, Silver or Bronze, in order to determine support levels.

Automated Communications

Customer calls can be progressed through a pre-defined status workflow, and routed to appropriate Assignees. Automatic emails alert required parties of logged calls, and if escalations or SLA breaches are going to occur. Updates can be sent at pre-determined lifecycle milestones, or call notes made visible on the portal, informing of Assignee changes, call Resolutions etc. so that Customers are always kept in-the-loop.

Pro-Active Performance Monitoring

HotH’s KPI Monitor offers a real-time overview of service desk statistics and Performance. Real-Time tracking enables Managers to spot breaches, trends and control assignee workloads pro-actively.

The QuickReport Designer is shipped with 100+ custom service desk reports, with the ability to edit or create reports from scratch. Detailed reports enable all aspects of the MSP process to be analysed and cost savings identified. Managers can report on overall expenditure for Services to identify trends, see where Services can be improved and costs saved.

Find Out What Customers Think

Customer Satisfaction Surveys can be designed and sent to your Customers through the service desk using HotH’s customer satisfaction survey function. In service desk communications, such as upon closing the call, links to feedback questionnaires and customer satisfaction surveys can be entered into the email template.

Customer feedback can then be reported on using the QuickReport Designer, and areas that need improvement can be identified.

HotH on the Move

HotH’s mobile service desk allows engineers to access the work queue and log, update and escalate calls while working on customer sites. Touch-screen signature capture enables calls to be signed-off by Customers there and then.

The helpdesk can therefore be mobilised, and Customers can be provided with the highest level of service by ensuring that SLA targets are met, even when engineers are away from their desks.

HotH MSP: Core Features

Listed in the table below are some of the core features of HotH MSP. If you are viewing this document in a browser, you can click on the feature names to be taken to a web page overview.

Service Portfolio Management

Drag n Drop Call Forms

Asset and Software Licence Management

HotH Mobile Touch

Drag n Drop Dashboard Forms

Self-Service Portal

Financial Management

Twitter Integration

Call Notes


Multi-Media Call Notes

QuickCalls (Call Templates)

Multi-Language Support


Call Activities

Satisfaction Surveys

Workflow Engine (Escalator)

LDAP Integrator

KPI Real-Time Monitor

Outlook Add-In

Live Chat

Telephony Integration

SCCM /Snow / Altiris Integration