KPI Monitor


KPI: This stands for Key Performance Indicator, and is a measurable and comparable insight into your performance. The KPI Monitor allows you to measure against many different potential KPIs.

SLA: This stands for Service Level Agreement and is traditionally a formal agreement between you and your customers to respond to and/or resolve their Tickets within an agreed time period. Your SLAs can be configured within HotH.kpi dashboard

Using the KPI Monitor

The KPI Monitor can be launched from the menu and has a unique URL. Click the icon seen below to launch the KPI Monitor:kpi buttonThe Monitor has the option to Refresh, and Auto Refresh. When first launched, you can decide whether you want the data to automatically refresh or not by selecting or deselecting the Auto tick box.kpi refresh button

The Monitor can be processed using various drop-downs at the top left of the screen.kpi dropdownsThe first drop-down lists available categories on the ticket screen, such as Assignee, Type, Status, Priority etc. The KPI statistics displayed can be generated just by making a selection from this drop-down.kpi first category dropdownThe second drop-down also lists the available categories on the ticket screen. It allows you to select a second level of categorisation, so for example, you could display data for ticket Type, and then selecting Assignee in the second drop-down will then display the Assignees are managing tickets of each particular Type.kpi second category dropdownThe third drop-down will then list the category selections available for whatever is selected in the first drop-down. So, in this example, it will list the Types. This means that the data can be processed by Type, by Assignee, and then reports can be generated for each individual Type.kpi third category dropdownThe drop-downs underneath then enable you to select what is displayed based upon ticket milestone, and date range.

kpi fourth category dropdown     kpi fifth category dropdown

You can then choose the Table you wish the data to be generated for, and the Folder.

kpi sixth category dropdown    kpi seventh category dropdown

The data displayed will then be generated based upon your selections, and if Auto is ticked, will automatically refresh every minute. The columns list various KPIs, such as total number of tickets for each category, how many are still outstanding, and whether SLA targets have been met.kpi data display

The KPI Monitor will then generate Reports based upon the selections made. All KPI reports can be incorporated onto Dashboards.

kpi generated report