Exporting Logins

You can export the current Logins into a named file. The output records have the same layout as the corresponding Import records. This is useful if you want to create an import file; create a ‘dummy’ record, populating the required fields with discernible text, such as REF in a reference field. The exported data can then be used as a template for the import layout.

How to Export Logins

To export data, show the Logins records in the summary and filter the list as required.

In the WebServer, navigate to Settings Cog > Export CSV File, then select the “Logins” tick-box; this will then offer the option to View the output. Now, you can open or save the file.

export csv dropdown
In the Windows interface, you can export the Logins records in the summary list using Export CSV on the File ribbon tab/Menu. Additionally, in the Windows version you can use the Export CSV option on the Database menu to export more Logins records.

export logins
Tick the Logins box, click the OK button and then choose a location and file name for the export file. The default is export.txt on the HotH directory. If this file already exists, you must confirm to replace the existing file. On completion, you can view the export file before being returned to the main window.