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January 3, 2018


Turning a Negative Experience into a Positive.

Let’s talk about how to provide the best customer experience for users logging tickets with the helpdesk. We all know that when a user is logging a helpdesk call, they are probably experiencing issues with a service, or something has broken. So how do we turn a negative experience into a positive one?

Make it Clear

Make sure your users know exactly how to get in touch with the helpdesk. Display clearly on your website homepage or intranet the number to call or the email address to use. Nobody likes to have to trawl through websites to find the support number to call!

Offer a Self-Service Portal

Alternative methods of phoning or emailing should be offered in the form of a self-service portal. The portal enables customers to log, track and update their own tickets. The portal also offers methods of contacting the agents that are working on their logged issues directly. This level of transparency can provide the best customer experience, as users know their issue is being take care of. From the point of view of helpdesk teams, self-service portals can ease work levels, as customers can track tickets for themselves. Additionally, the extra perks of portals such as self-help, FAQs and links to online guides, can ease analyst ticket queues.

Speed it Up

When customers log tickets via the helpdesk, you can ensure that they are instantly entered into the correct queue. We can achieve this by using templates that sit in the background (so the customer doesn’t necessarily need to know whether they are logging an ‘Incident’ or a ‘Request’). Customers can simply click a button, or fill in a form. Then, based on settings associated with that button or form, the call is given to the best agent to deal with it.

Keep Customers in-the-loop

At specific stages of the call lifecycle, emails can be triggered and sent to customers. Of course, we know that some customers are not keen on loads of emails. Therefore, you should choose if and when emails are sent using the option to ‘pause before sending’. An email template can pop-up on-screen, and the agent can choose whether or not to send the email. Alternatively, notes can be added to customer tickets and emailed on an ad-hoc basis. Customers too can add notes to tickets via the portal, and email these in response to agent questions, or to request updates.

Ask for Feedback

Make sure that your customers feel heard when it comes to giving feedback on the service they have received. Send questionnaires and feedback surveys to customers upon resolving calls. Then, analyse the results in order to continually improve the service you provide.

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