Asset Lifecycle Management

asset lifecycle management

May 26, 2015


Asset LifeCycle Management with SupportDesk

The IT asset lifecycle can be proficiently managed with SupportDesk service management software. The capability for Asset Managers to view the life-cycle stage of specific assets is valuable for purchasing and asset replenishment. If a particular asset is about to retire or expire, Asset Managers can instantly view performance statistics, contracts, suppliers, and total cost of ownership. This helps to identify where service delivery improvements can be made and inform asset purchasing decisions. SupportDesk management Dashboards and Reports make it quick and simple to obtain an instant overview of asset status, so that Asset Managers can view the asset lifecycle pro-actively, and ensure the highest quality IT Service is consistently delivered.

SupportDesk Procurement/Purchasing and Supplier Management

Purchase Order Management enables you to:

  • Create Purchase Orders:

purchase order software

  • Link to Cost Centres & Suppliers:

asset lifecycle management

  • Transfer received goods to Asset DB/CMDB

asset lifecycle management CMDB



SupportDesk Contract Management

Contract Management enables you to:

  • Link Assets to underpinning Contracts

asset lifecycle management contract

  • Send and receive full email notification of Contract renewal dates
  • Attach scanned paper documents


SupportDesk Asset Management

Asset Management provides you with:

  • A fully configurable CMDB


  • Asset Depreciation visibility
  • QR barcoding
  • Custom Asset Form Designer


SupportDesk PC Software and Hardware Auditing

PC Software and Hardware Auditing gives you:

  • SNMP Discovery of Domain, IP ranges and IP subnets for routers, printers etc.
  • Software and Hardware scans of Windows PC & Servers:

software licence manager

  • Scheduled scans
  • Full reporting suite and QuickReport Designer

asset lifecycle management report



SupportDesk Software Licence Management

Software Licence Management offers:

  • Results based on audited software library:

software library

  • Retrospective Licence compliance
  • Full roll up capabilities
  • Links to Contract and Supplier Management:

contract management software

  • Notification via email of compliance breaches


SupportDesk Asset Retirement and Disposal

Asset Retirement and Disposal enables you to:

  • Change Asset state to retired or disposed
  • Un-allocate Software from compliance checks
  • Archive Assets


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