Advance and SupportDesk HR Helpdesk

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September 24, 2013


Advance and SupportDesk HR Helpdesk

Advance, a national provider of services to disabled people based in the scenic market town of Witney near Oxford, have extended their use of SupportDesk service management software to help streamline processes for HR helpdesk calls, in addition to using the software to support IT Service Management.

Advance’s wish is that people are free to live the life they choose and for 40 years, have supported people with disabilities, mental health conditions and learning disabilities to gain ‘something different and better out of life. The organisation aims to help individuals to live as independently as they can, by helping with housing, travel, living as part of a community, managing budgets and building confidence.

As well as providing their 5,500 strong network of customers with the best level of support, Advance values their staff highly, and now with their new SupportDesk HR system can enhance the personalised nature of resolving human resources calls.

Using SupportDesk HR Helpdesk alongside their HR System means that everything can be accounted for, and that all calls which are not logged within the HR System can be routed efficiently and quickly through the helpdesk. This includes amendment to contracts, queries relating to benefits, logging absences plus numerous other items specific to Advance’s HR processes. SupportDesk’s automatic email functionality means that staff can be notified as to the status of their call, who is dealing with it and when it is likely to be resolved. Assignees and managers can also be kept up to date at pre-defined stages, with customisable email templates improving the level of communication and aiding speedy call resolution.

Advance’s HR helpdesk functions as a separate tool to their SupportDesk for IT Service Management, and has unique forms & workflow that are exclusive to the calls logged by the proficient HR team. Because of the personal nature of Human Resources, having a distinct system with controlled access privileges is important, and the unique security aspects of HR calls can be catered for. Both SupportDesk systems are fully supported by House-on-the-Hill, allowing Advance to simply phone or go online to HotH’s support team if any configuration or technical alterations are required.

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