Maintaining a Healthy Helpdesk

healthy helpdesk

July 21, 2015


Maintaining a Healthy Helpdesk

The performance of the helpdesk can be a great way of indicating the overall health of an organisation. If your helpdesk is displaying good Key Performance Indicator results, this can prove that Service Level Agreements between the organisation and the Customer are being upheld, targets are being met, and business performance throughout the organisation is up to standard. So, how can you use the helpdesk to ensure the best quality service is being provided and your organisation’s performance is healthy?

Maintaining healthy business operations using the helpdesk

Use the helpdesk to successfully maintain Service Level Agreements (SLAs). SLAs are a mutual arrangement between you and your customers, to ensure that Services are available for an agreed amount of time. SLAs also denote that if faults occur, these will be resolved within a pre-defined period, and to an agreed standard. Therefore, it is good practice to use your helpdesk software tool to ensure that SLA targets are met in order maintain healthy business operation, and there are several ways in which this can be done:

Automatic Breach Notifications: warning emails, texts or pop-up notifications can be sent to Incident Assignees and to Incident Managers if tickets have been unresolved for too long.

Real-Time KPI Monitoring: Key Performance Indicators are metrics that can be monitored to ensure that SLAs are being fulfilled, and to identify if and where there are shortfalls. KPIs may include the number of tickets Assignees have open at a time, how long it takes on average for tickets to be resolved, how many High Priority calls are being logged and so forth. Using the helpdesk’s Real-Time Key Performance Indicator tool is a good way to keep an eye on these, and pro-actively maintain a healthy helpdesk.

Mobile Helpdesk with touch signature capture: If engineers and support agents are working away from the desk regularly, supplying access to the helpdesk via a mobile application is a great way for engineers to log and update calls whilst on the move. Accessing the helpdesk from anywhere helps to avoid breaches in SLA, as engineers can update tickets and receive notifications even when away from their desk. If a call or work order can only be closed once customer sign-off is received, touch-screen signature capture is a great way of obtaining sign-off while still on location.

Meeting SLA targets allows service desks to prove to management and customers that your organisation is meeting targets, but most importantly, works to heighten customer satisfaction.

Keeping your helpdesk tool healthy

It is important to keep your helpdesk tool well maintained so that it performs just as you need it to.

Perform Software Updates and back-ups: Keep your software tools on the latest version so that all functionality is up to date, and remember to take regular (at least daily) backups of the system. If you have a software tool that is hosted in the Cloud by your supplier, then this will be taken care of for you.

Spring Cleaning: It can be beneficial to schedule regular consultancy meetings with your supplier, so that you are sure that you are using the software to the full extent of its potential to match your requirements.

Keeping your customers happy and maintaining a healthy relationship

It is important to maintain a healthy relationship with Customers, and good communication is the key.

Be as transparent as possible. Self Service Portals give Customers control over their own service desk calls, as they can track progress, log their own tickets and contact engineers working on issues directly.

Ask how you’re doing. Customer feedback is an essential part of improving customer relationships and heightening Customer satisfaction. By requesting that your Customers complete surveys at specific call milestones, it is possible to collect and report on how well the service you are supplying is being received, and if there are any areas to improve upon.

There are lots more useful tips on how to improve Customer communication in this blog article.

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