What’s New in SupportDesk

What’s New in SupportDesk from House-on-the-Hill Software?

What’s new in supportdesk service desk software from House-on-the-Hill: discover the latest developments and functionality for the best IT service management and customer support.

SupportDesk 2015 is here! With the best performance yet, SupportDesk 2015 adds value to your organisation through intuitive design, enhanced interconnectivity and optimum flexibility.

Outlook Add-In

Simplify service desk task management further by enabling help desk ticket creation in SupportDesk, straight from Outlook! With the Outlook Help desk Add-on, a SupportDesk icon will appear in your Outlook client. This offers functions to create and maintain service desk support tickets from received email messages. Create a SupportDesk help desk call from an Outlook email. Previously, unless using an email read service, emails in Outlook that were deemed support issues or requests had to be transcribed into the help desk manually, in readiness for support teams to begin following service desk process workflows. This process has now been streamlined with the SupportDesk Outlook Help desk add on feature.

*Web version only

Improved Service Desk Software Feedback Forms

Satisfaction surveys and feedback forms can now be designed using SupportDesk’s drag n drop form builder, and sent to your customers at specific milestones in helpdesk correspondence. Custom extra fields can be easily created and added to your form, so that you can ask your customers all the questions you need, in order to discover how they rate your service. A link to the feedback form is sent to your customers in an email, and all responses are captured within SupportDesk, in the extra fields that you have made. This means that reporting on customer feedback is much simpler, and feedback reports can be run using SupportDesk’s inbuilt QuickReport tool.

*Web version only