Customer Service Management Software

Offer the very best service and support to your Customers
with SupportDesk CSM service desk solution


Customer Service Management

SupportDesk CSM, the Customer Service Management software solution from House-on-the-Hill, enables you to provide the highest level of service and support to your customer base, while improving communication and customer satisfaction.

  • Multiple helpdesk platforms enable you to heighten communication with your customers:
  • SupportDesk Customer Service Management software enables customers to log, update and interrogate their own helpdesk calls via the web self-service portal.
  • Enable customers to view read-only ticket information, such as the status of help desk calls or which engineer is working on their logged tickets.

Your Customers are the most important part of your business - provide them with the best support possible.

Provide a KnowledgeBase/FAQs Area

  • Customers can also be offered the option to self-diagnose issues with access to Frequently Asked Questions: a specially screened area of your service desk KnowledgeBase.



Manage Customer Relationships

  • Customer Relationship Management with sophisticated formula editor and intuitive filtering enables the creation of effectively targeted campaigns, with Sales Opportunities to manage new prospects.
  • CRM dashboards can be displayed for Customer Relationship Managers upon logging in to the service desk:

CRM report deshboard builder

Create Customer Feedback Surveys

customer satisfaction survey itsm helpdesk

Pro-Actively Monitor and Report on Performance

  • Schedule service desk reports to display Customer Service Management data such as Assignee Performance, Tickets Logged by Customer and Priority, Contract Expiration dates etc.
  • Use the KPI monitor to display real-time performance statistics and identify which tickets are in danger of breaching SLA.
  • Sort the KPI monitor view by specific parameters in the Customer Service Management process, such as Assignee, Customer, Status, Type, Priority etc.

KPI Monitor helpdesk dashboard

Create Customer Specific Forms

  • Create custom forms to capture essential information, such as equipment request, starter, mover, leaver forms. The Drag and Drop Form Builder allows you to create your own forms with unique functionality and workflows.

Equipment request form drag and drop

World Challenge

"We register about 350 incidents in peak times, some of them involving multiple agencies, so the software is vital" - Business Support Manager Josephine Fox

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