Complaints & Case Management Software

Use SupportDesk CM to increase customer satisfaction with efficient
complaints submission and routing


Complaints management software

  • Complaints management software, SupportDesk CM helpdesk, allows your customers to log issues and complaints, and for you to aid swift and professionally managed resolutions.
  • Provide Complaints/Case Management Agents with personalised dashboards, for an instant overview of the current situation on the helpdesk.

Complaints Management Software Dashboard

  • Create assignable and secure complaints records with the ability to control access with SupportDesk’s Login privilege management.
  • Route complaints records through specific workflows, assigning cases to expert agents.

Complaints Management service desk ticket

  • Ensure that complaints are handled quickly and within Service Level Agreement time-frames with automatic escalation.
  • Aid speedy resolution by storing known issues and copying solutions directly from the KnowledgeBase.

Complaints Knowledgebase article

Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • With SupportDesk complaints management software, you can send customer satisfactions surveys in order to poll performance and discover which areas need improvement.

customer satisfaction survey itsm helpdesk

  • Twitter Integration enables you to scan the social media site to discover if users are having issues with your service, and automatically raise tickets from Tweets to take them offline.
  • Customer self-service portal allows customers to log complaints quickly and simply, with complaints routed directly to service desk complaints teams.

Customer Case logging form

  • Keep customers up to date with automatic email notifications.

Report on Performance

  • Help desk reporting on performance and average resolution times allow you to proactively scan for trends. SupportDesk’s QuickReport Designer allows you to create custom and scheduled reports.

Monthly Case Report by Type

  • View Key Performance Indicators in real-time to see which areas can be improved upon, with SupportDesk CM’s KPI Dashboard.

Case KPI complaints management software

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