Create Personalised Service Desk Dashboards for Users, Analysts and Processes!

  • drag n drop dashboard builder

    Get a Clearer View with SupportDesk Service Dashboards: create unique graphical dashboards with the drag of the mouse!

  • drag and drop dashboard builder

    Create attractive dashboards for your Customers...

  • helpdesk reporting tool

    Create Report Dashboards for managers of specific service desk processes...

  • helpdesk dashboard - supervisor

    For service desk login privileges...

  • And for managers of different business areas (such as Customer Relationship Management)


Drag and Drop Dashboard Builder

Service Dashboard functionality enables Customers and Managers of specific service desk processes, support groups or business areas to have an instant graphical dashboard displaying their area of the service desk upon logging in. With SupportDesk, Dashboards can be created simply, using the Drag and Drop Dashboard Designer.

The Dashboard Designer can work in conjunction with the QuickReport Designer, enabling any reports created and stored in SupportDesk to be displayed on a Dashboard.

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The Dashboard Designer can work in conjunction with the QuickReport Designer, enabling any reports created and stored in SupportDesk to be displayed on a Dashboard.

Once public QuickReports have been created, they will appear in the right-hand grid on the Dashboard designer. These can then be dragged across to the table on the left, and the Dashboard layout will begin to appear:

service desk dashboard builder

Components, such as buttons, widgets, images and text can be added to Dashboards using Component forms, allowing for the creation of attractive and user-friendly dashboards.

helpdesk dashboard builder

In the latest SupportDesk release when components are added to the Dashboard designer, the edit symbol appears next to the component name. This can be clicked, and the Component form opens in a new tab, meaning that the Component designer can be accessed directly from the Dashboard, instead of having to navigate back to the Form Type list:

Associate Dashboards with User Profiles

Once Dashboards are created, they can be associated with individual Users via Login records. This means that it is possible for every login on the service desk to have a completely personalised Dashboard!

Alternatively, by simply naming the Dashboard after the appropriate login privilege, such as 'Supervisor', that Dashboard will appear for anyone with that privelege logging in to the service desk.

For your customers and end users, Dashboard forms can be associated with individual logins or organisations, so that customers can have personalised profile views with branding and company logos, as well as links to call queues, Frequently Asked Questions and Service Updates. A suite of widgets is also available, allowing you to pick and choose which users required Timelines, multi-folder call queues, Noticeboards, even Twitter feeds. Once created, you can enable dashboards for entire teams, or individual users. The possibilities are endless!

Dashboard Examples:

Create attractive and user-friendly dashboards for your Customers:

web portal customer dashboard

For Process Managers:

Incident Management Dashboard

For Asset Managers:

Asset Management Dashboard reports

For CRM Managers or managers of multiple business areas:

CRM report deshboard builder

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