Basics and Benefits of a Cloud Helpdesk


October 25, 2012

Basics and Benefits of a Cloud Helpdesk

With so much of the IT world moving up into the Cloud, it is worthwhile exploring the benefits of opting for a cloud based help desk solution, in comparison to installing a service desk tool on-premise. House-on-the-Hill consultants have been in the fortunate position of being able to see the benefits of both options, as SupportDesk from House-on-the-Hill is available as both a Cloud and On-Site application. So, if you are currently in the process of deciding upon a deployment method for your help desk, or are perhaps looking to switch, we hope that this article may help with considering the differences and unique benefits of each path.

Your decision will of course ultimately depend upon what is best for your business and how your IT infrastructure operates. An on-premise tool gives organisations control in terms of managing the maintenance of servers and hardware, and hundreds of SupportDesk customers choose to install their system on-site for internal teams to maintain. This can be beneficial for companies with a support structure in place for managing the upkeep of hardware, and SupportDesk On-Premise customers can opt to be fully supported by House-on-the-Hill for configuration and technical assistance on the software side.

A cloud help desk on the other hand, means that maintenance of hardware is outsourced and taken care of by an external provider, and the helpdesk becomes part of the business as Software as a Service. SupportDesk Cloud customers choose this route as they are then able to put all resources into taking care of business, knowing that their service desk infrastructure, in terms of both hardware and software, is being expertly managed and supported by House-on-the-Hill.

Cost is also a deciding factor for companies, and the differences between On-Premise and Cloud service desk payment methods are what you would expect: the on-site application means that a single payment is made, whereas Cloud solutions are paid for on a monthly basis.

In terms of implementation time, SaaS solutions tend to be more out-of-the-box, meaning that there can be a speedier implementation time for the initial set-up of the system. This fact however, can lead to a common misconception with Cloud helpdesks, in that businesses believe that they must surrender an amount of control in terms of the actual set-up of the system. At House-on-the-Hill this is not the case: the ability to modify the system, during implementation and after go-live is exactly the same for both Cloud and On-Site applications. SupportDesk’s highly flexible and configurable nature is the same whether Cloud or On-Premise, meaning that, whichever deployment method you choose, you always have complete control over how your servicedesk functions.

We hope that this article has given a basic overview of some of the thought processes and contributing factors that go into choosing a helpdesk deployment method. If you wish to discuss this further, our consultants would be happy to talk to you, so just emailor drop us a line on 01614278988.


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